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5 things to do as a newly engaged couple

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Congratulations on your engagement! What a magical moment you are experiencing, but you are probably wondering what comes next. And the short answer would be getting married, but where do you start? Well, nothing to worry about because we have you covered with the top things to do as a newly engaged couple.

Weddings take time to plan, but there are some essential steps to take during the early stages of wedding planning. Being newly engaged is a once in a life experience, so the first thing you should do is enjoy the moment, share it with your loved ones, and then follow this Chicago wedding photographer guide to be on your way to getting married.

1. Set your expectations

Yes, before heading to Pinterest and starting to stress about every little thing, you need to take a moment to talk to your partner and set your expectations, preferably on the same level. Sometimes as newly engaged, we think everything will be honey and sweetness, but the reality is you are about to plan a big event, a major moment in life, and if you don’t expect the same from such an event, then you are on to a bumpy start.

So, talk about how you imagine your wedding, whether it is large, intimate, local, simple, or luxurious. And once you both talk about what you want individually, it is time to come to an agreement and meet halfway if your visions are far apart. And while you are being honest about your wedding expectations, start talking about your budget and financial capabilities.

2. When and where?

It may be too soon to determine a date for your wedding, but as you are newly engaged, you need to narrow down the season and possible dates for your big celebration. You can choose the season, determine if you want a weekday or weekend wedding if you are staying or finding a destination for your wedding, and talk about possible locations or wedding venues.

3. Support system

Newly engaged couples need to pick a support system or bridal party because they will be part of your wedding planning, especially the maid of honor and best man. Be mindful of the people you choose for this important task because wedding planning isn’t a day in the park. You need someone who will be supporting you, helping, and, most importantly, reliable and responsible.

4. Find inspiration

Now you can start gathering inspiration in terms of the style you want for the wedding reception and ceremony. Having a clear idea about the wedding theme will help you choose a wedding location and venue to match the energy and style you aim for. If you want a winter wonderland, consider an indoor space; perhaps an outdoor barn or garden will be more suitable for a rustic summer wedding.

5. Hire a professional wedding photographer

Finding the right wedding photographer isn’t always an easy task. You need to search through the hundreds of local photographers you find online, pick those who align with the style you like, and find out if they are available and fit your wedding budget. So the process might take a while, but you can take that time in the early stages of wedding planning as a newly engaged couple.

And don’t forget to book your engagement photo shoot once you find your wedding photographer. It is a great opportunity to celebrate by having beautiful professional photos of your engagement; plus, you will get to know your photographer and feel super comfortable when your wedding day arrives.

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