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Kristal Lee Photography

Hello, I’m Kristal! And I’m so glad you stopped by. I specialize in family and couples photography in Chicagoland. There’s nothing better than helping to make precious memories and that’s exactly what I do. Give me a call to discuss setting up your own session and learn more about my services.



What I Can Do for You

Couples & Engagements

I am in the business of creating memories, and I want to make sure yours are truly magical. 
My job is to create memories. Each memory should be filled with fun and excitement. My Couples Portrait session is one of my most popular. In these seasons there are plenty of opportunities to show off your personality and explore various locations around the city. 
Pricing for a couples/engagement session starts at $190/hr

Event Photography

With my experience and knowledge , I know you’ll love how your Event will turn out. If you’re interested in scheduling this service, please contact me.
Event Photography Pricing $120/hr (two or more hours).*One hour events are $150
Wedding pricing starting at $1400 for 8 hours of coverage

Family Portraits

I take each image knowing that years from now, people will look back and cherish each captured memory. This is why I try to capture timeless images that stay preserved throughout time. Timeless family photos are important. I know as a photographer that photos stay on our walls for years to come. So I want to create a session with a timeless feel to it. Contact me!
Pricing for Family Photography
Starting at $170 (up to three people) *$10 add on for each additional person


All About Kristal Lee Photo

My name is Kristal Lee. I enjoy capturing special moments on camera and producing high quality work. I do portrait, family and event photography in the Chicagoland area. I am fortunate to be able to spend my time doing what I love. I specialize in producing high quality digital photos using high end editing techniques. My favorite thing about my job is connecting with people and sharing special memories that will most likely last for many years to come. I look forward to working with you!


Contact Info:

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