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With my experience and knowledge, I know you’ll love how your shoot will turn out. If you’re interested in learning more, please review prices below.

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Photography Packages

Wedding Photography

Wedding pricing starting at $350 (one hour Elopement). Max price is $2600 for 8 hours of Photo coverage. 

Event Photography

Event Photography Pricing is $175/hr (two or more hours) One-hour events are $195. 

Family Photography

Pricing for Family Photography starts at $200 (up to three people) *$20 add on for each additional person.

Couples & Engagement

Pricing for a couples/engagement session starts at $250/hr


Is there a deposit? Yes, 10% of total cost for anything over $400 (non refundable)


Does the total fee include travel/mileage? Yes. Only in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana


How long does it take to process photos? 7-10 business days (non-wedding), 3-4 weeks (Wedding/Quinceanera).


How many photos will I get?

It depends on the amount of coverage. A 1 hour event is typically 75-200 photos. A 3 hour event is 200-400 photos. Weddings are typically 700-1300 photos for 5-8 hours of coverage.


How do I pay?

I will provide an invoice the same day or the following business day with payment information. Deposit payment info will be sent right away and applied to the total cost.


How will I receive photos?

Photos will be delivered via a download link. 


Photo quality? You’ll have the option to download both low- and high-resolution photos.


Do you provide photo album or printing services? I personally do not. However, the site I use (Pic-Time) allows you to order for print in many different formats.


Can I post pictures online without tagging you? Yes, although I would love to be tagged, no pressure to do so either. 


Can other people take pictures at the event/wedding? Yes, just so long as you understand that this sometimes means people are able to step in front of an important shot and can risk ruining photos.


How do we move forward with booking?

Click on the booking link and fill out the form. I will send an agreement as well as deposit payment info. Once done we will arrange a time to talk about details (weddings only), usually a 5-10min conversation.

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